05 July 2007

The World is Not Flat

As the title of this post suggests, the world is, indeed, not flat. Because it is round, there is no true direct line between points A and B, and any travel between A and B will result in some round about way of getting there--even if it looks like a direct, as the crow flies, shot. And it is because of this non-flat point that I am still in the process of moving into an apartment that is no more than seven blocks from my current residence. You'd imagine it would be an easy process. A done deal, even. Not so. Not in my world.

In my enthusiasm to move into this new apartment, I agreed to do the painting and minor repairs myself. I'm by no means complaining here. I truly enjoy every glob of Spackle that I have slathered onto my walls, and every drip of paint that found its way onto my clothes rather than the walls. But there were quite a bit more cracks than I had originally thought, and the painting became somewhat tedious, as it does with all perfectionists. So in a perfect world, I should be back to normal, in my new apartment, in my new office in my new apartment, by the weekend. That's if the universe allows it.

I haven't forgotten about LTR--not by a long shot! And I thank you all for your patience during this move. Here's what's on tap for the upcoming reviews:

  • Unscarred by R.M. Hamilton
  • Both of Clifford B. Bowyer's series (Fantasy, and young adult)
  • Resonance by Chris Dolley

Again, my sincere thanks to the above mentioned authors who have been beyond patient with me and my reviews. Also, I'll be accepting new books to review once I'm settled and able to function normally. This move has taken far longer than I would have liked, but it's given me some valuable insight on both the correct and incorrect way to move things. Perhaps there's a book in there somewhere.

Write Well,

~Dawn M. Papuga

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Susan said...

As a fellow meditative perfectionist-painter who ends up with more paint on myself than the walls, I admire your hard work and willingness to take it on. I hope the move ended up going well for you. Now you can sit back and relax with a book, or two, or three...