16 June 2007

Apartment Absentia

Apologies for the long space of time between posts. I've been away from most online venues for about two weeks, and sadly, it seems I will be away for possibly up to two more. I've been dealing with finals, and trying to get students caught up. I also had a bad run in with back spasms that just didn't seem to understand how busy I am. And then there was the apartment issue.

While the back is nearly healed, and finals will be this week, I still have to move. I just signed my papers and got the keys today, but I still have to paint (In fact, I can't wait to do this part! Not only is it relaxing and meditative for me, it also makes me feel like I'm adding something to the character of the Apartment). After the painting comes the moving, and the setting up, and the shift back into the world of solitary living.

So until I manage to get through with those things, there may only be infrequent posts. I do have a review for Unscarred and Clifford B. Bowyer's books nearly finished, but the completed and polished versions of those reviews will have to wait just a bit longer until I'm moved into my new home.

Thanks for your patience, and I look forward to seeing you when I get back!