24 July 2007

Updates from Boxtopia

I just wanted to pop by to remind everyone that moving is no fun at all, and that I'm still trying to juggle this hectic life on top of organizing a new home. More than once I have considered figuring out how to just make the boxes in my home part of the decor, but I've come up with no satisfying solutions. Since my last post, I have received a number of requests for book reviews and interviews, so here is an updated list of those I agreed to:

Unfinished Business:
* Unscarred by R.M. Hamilton (Interview and Book Review to be posted ASAP)
* The Seige of Zolodex by Clifford B. Bowyer
* Quest for the Shard by Clifford B. Bowyer (Both of Mr. Bowyer's reviews to be posted ASAP)
* Resonance by Chris Dolley

New Business:
* Evacuation Plan by Joe M. O'Connell which will be released nationally in August of 2007.
* Rodney by Dick Baldwin, and
* Shadow of Innocence by Ric Wasley, who will also be doing an interview with LTR.

I've updated the sidebar to include these latest additions, and as more come in I will be sure to keep you posted. Also, keep an eye out for my pending review of Lerner & Lowe's Camelot that just ended at the CLO in Pittsburgh. I attended the show Saturday night, and there is much to say about the production and Mr. Michael York as King Arthur!

Write Well,

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ERiCA said...

I just wanted to pop by to remind everyone that moving is no fun at all

Amen. I feel for you and hope things are going as well as they can!! =)