13 March 2007

New Media!

While working on the various reviews that are pending, my co-creator of Minute Lit has been hard at work to produce a subset of podcasts that reflect the importance of media, technology, and the uses of both in the intelligent world. So head over to Minute Lit-Tech and give it a listen.

Also, visit the new video for Tara Ison's book, The List.

Edit to Add: I've embedded the video here on LTR, in the hopes that with fewer clicks, more discussion can take place.

On that note, after watching the BookTrailer, please take the time to post your thoughts on the use of BookTrailers, VidLits, and other means of media crossing publicity as a tool in book selling, the rise of this form of advertising (is it effective?), promotion, and as a medium in general. It seems that more and more forms of technology are breeding their own version of promotion, ads, access and variant forms of specific material in order to reach as many individuals as possible. I'm curious about your thoughts!

Coming Soon: Review of The Rose of York: Fall from Grace