09 March 2008

Update: New site!

It's been a while since I've posted here, mostly because I've recently taken a new job in the "real world" and my mind and body are just now starting to acclimate to no longer working 14 hours a day, late nights reaching into the dawning hours, and the chaos of running between schools with minutes to spare. I'm still teaching classes at two universities, but my load has lightened significantly, and for the first time in my life I actually have time to do the things I want without the anxiety of being late or missing a day of work from one of my jobs. I have to say, it's doing me wonders. I feel like a new world has opened up to me, and I now understand why folks leave the Ivory Tower for BnG jobs.

Along with finally having the time to rip through the stack of books that are in line for review, I've been working on developing my new site: DawnPapuga.com. As it stands, I'll be posting my reviews here on LTR and linking back to them, but I have a page dedicated to all of my reviews here.

DawnPapuga.com is my personal site that will house my daily blog, which will recount pretty much any and every thing that catches my interest. At the moment I'm participating in NaBloPoMo to try and prepare for the next round of NaNoWriMo (which, you may remember, my real life interfered with miserably). I have a page to post my lengthier essays and articles that I'm working on colleting, and a page for my photography. Depending on how long the design takes, and how brave I'm feeling, I also plan to install a page for my own writing.

This doesn't change much here at LTR, and if you're only interested in the reviews, then you're safe with the link, RSS feed, or email subscription you already have (you have subscribed, haven't you? It's free, you know. That's how I roll.). But if you're interested in the carnival of regular updates and more diverse content, head over to DawnPapuga.com and either update your links, or add that site as well!

Expect more reviews soon, as I have more time to read and review (finally!).

Write well,