18 October 2007

Reading and Review Updates

As you all know, I have quite a reading list going at the moment, and I’m enjoying everything that has been sent my way for review. Because I'm reading, I haven't been able to post as often as I would like here on LTR. Between reviews, I've taken to posting related commentaries and I intend to do more of that in the coming weeks. I’ve returned to my process of reading multiple books at once for a few reasons, really. I gave single book reading the old college try, but it’s just not my style. Once I abandoned the uncharacteristic practice, things have returned to highly enjoyable, productive levels. Here’s an update on where my list currently stands, and what you can expect in the way of reviews soon:

Books finished and in the review process:

Engleby by Sebastian Faulks
Evauation Plan by Joe M. O’Connell

Currently Reading:
Rodney by Dick Baldwin
Shadow of Innocence by Ric Wasley
Women of Magdalene by Rosemary-Poole Carter
Juliette Ascending by Rosemary-Poole Carter
Resonance by Chris Dolley

Interviews for authors whose books I've finished reviewing will be sent out this weekend. Plans for live call-in interviews are still in the works. Once the program is finalized and the Talkshoe show is set up, invites will be sent to authors expressing interest in being interviewed on the show as well as via email. Live show interviews will not be required.

Special Projects (Currently reading):
The Seige of Zolodex and Quest for the Shard by Clifford B. Bowyer

The Bowyer Project, as I've dubbed it, will be a look at all of the books in both author Clifford B. Bowyer's Young Adult and Adult fantasy series, and will be more in depth than a regular review because of the length of the project. I'll post occasional updates as the project continues to move along.

In terms of exhibit and event reviews, I will be posting a review of the poetry reading that took place at PPU last night, featuring Lynn Emanuel. When I get a free day I'll be attending the Body Exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center and posting a review as well.

In the meanwhile, if you have any issues or topics you'd like to see discussed, or books reviewed here on LTR, send an email my way, and I'll see what I can do! As always, thank you for the feedback!

Write Well,
Dawn Papuga


Susan said...

Dawn, looking forward to your reviews. I like to stop by to see what you're up to...and then I feel highly unproductive and depressed. But I guess I'll still come back.

(And, yes, I'm still working on Draft 3 of my ms. Good God, it's taking a long time because of trying to have a life, too. Maybe some day you'll get to read and review?!) - S

D.M. Papuga said...


Thank you for stopping by! Don't let me fool you, all this work is a good deal of stress-- but I can't lie, I do enjoy the things I pile on my plate (if only it payed well!)

And of course I would love to read and review your book when you've finished it! I've been waiting patiently to hear of its release! Just say the word.

Hopefully I'll see you at the November Blogfest?