12 May 2007

BootCamp PGH and Blogfest 10

Since the launch of PGH Podcamp last year, the multimedia and social networking community has grown dramatically in Pittsburgh. April 21st was the inaugural BootCamp PGH, and if you wanted to learn more about blogging, vlogging, podcasting, or even monetizing your online real estate, this was the place for you! The purpose of BootCamp was, in part, to prepare the online media community initiates and novices for Podcamp II in August. But it wasn't only basic introductions to media--many of the sessions turned out to be idea generating sessions as well. And of course there was the networking aspect.

If you were coming to BootCamp expecting in depth discussion on technical aspects, or the ins and outs of Web 2.0, then you may have been frustrated by the general discussions. But all in all, the event was successful, and introduced many people interested in jumping into the online pool of netizens to their method of choice. One thing is for sure: While the social media community has been working out the kinks between blogging, bootcamps and podcamps, the events to come can only get better! And add to that the constantly changing world of the media, and you have a community of online activists eager to share their knowledge and know-how with the world. If you're in Pittsburgh for one of these events, you really should attend. You may learn something, and you'll certainly meet some fascinating, like-minded folks.
Without a doubt, the best part of BootCamp PGH was the people (Cue the obligatory list):

Chris Brogan the Podcamp genius and giver of free hugs, Justin and the crew from SBTD, Woy (Have a Good Sandwich), Cindy and Christina from Pittsburgh Bloggers, Jim from Sportsocracy.org, Kimberly Reed, and Sri from the Pittsburgh Flicker group, Rachel the author of the innovative website and in progress novel The Sum of David, Brian from the new blog "A Bagel With," Tim from World Peace One, the New York Crew, Jay and Jen of JayandJenDot.com, and my Minute Lit partner in crime Alex.

Unfortunately, I had to teach a night class and couldn't make it to Blogfest 10 at Finnegan's Wake on the North Shore until the festivities were well underway, but I did meet some wonderful new Pittsburgh Bloggers who hung around, including Susan--a fellow novelist, working woman, and author of One-Woman Show. I'm looking forward to the Podcamp PGH get together in two weeks at the Creative Treehouse. Ideas abound, so be ready for the creative juices to be flowing! Bring napkins!



Susan said...

Aw, shucks. I'm glad I made a good impression after a long day at work, yapping all night and 2 beers! Thanks for the plug...now can I buy you a Shakespeare video?!

Woy said...

I'm glad you were able to make it to part of the festivities! If there was one blogfest I was really unhappy about missing, it was this one. Sounds like it was a lot of fun, and I plan on being at the meetup at the Treehouse in a few weeks.

D.M. Papuga said...

Susan: It was refreshing to meet such a like-minded person living right here in the Burgh! And a Shakespeare video??? Don't tease me, Susan... :)

Woy: You were missed there, no doubt! Then again, I missed practically everyone I met at Bootcamp there (Cindy and Alex were the only two knowable faces to me), but hey! That's what these things are about--meeting new folks. I'll be at the Treehouse too, and eager to hear the wrap ups and plans for Podcamp in August! Now no more slacking off and going on business trips when there are social networking events to be attended!