24 April 2007

Pre-Update Update

So this week has been full of things to keep me from posting a proper review of the events of the weekend, notably BootCamp PGH. Said busy making things have also kept me from properly emailing and contacting those phenomenal folks I met there. But I promise I'm not being snobby, or rude--I just haven't had time to do much of anything except prepare for classes this week and work on a book review that I am trying valiantly to complete by April 27th. Here's a quick list of things I have to do and will make every effort to accomplish in the next few days (both here and on my other pages) in no particular order (kinda):

  • Post a rockin' update about BootCamp PGH!
  • Refine and post the review of Cinco de Mayo: The story behind Mexico's battle of Puebla by Donald Miles.
  • Make sure I've responded to all the great emails sitting with stars on them because stars mean they're important (If you mailed me from Bootcamp and I haven't responded, that's you. You're stared. A gold star, even).
  • Update the list of PGH Blogger and new sites I accumulated at Bootcamp (I even created a space there on the right. I promise. Scroll down and look!)
  • Post the reviews of R.M. Hamilton's Unscarred
  • Finish the series and post the reviews of Clifford B. Bowyer's books (NB: I'm working on finishing each series for more comprehensive reviews, and believe me, they're worth it!)
  • Work on dolling up the Minute Lit blog with some "flair" (How many pieces are you wearing? Hmm?)
  • Figuring out how to work this damn digital camera so I can start my adventures as a photographer.
  • Get creatively thinking about the next Minute Lit podcast, and record with Alex when our schedules stop getting in the way of literary discussion.

I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm forgetting something, but you get the idea here. So be on the look out for multiple posts and updates soon!

~D.M. Papuga