29 March 2007


There has been a lapse in posting here at LTR, but it certainly is not for want of things to post! Aside from running this site, I have been busy organizing a symposium about world conflict that will be taking place March 30th. As you might imagine, that has kept me more than busy in my free time, but I'm quite certain the cause is worth it. (There was also a birthday involved, an 80's hair band cover band, all night bowling, and a collection of talkative movie-goers whose single goal in life was to disrupt my enjoyment of a film, but we won't talk about those things. Well, not all of them...)

In the mean time, please feel free to check out the pre-release of the next episode of Minute Lit (Just go ahead and click on the icon on the right and it will take you right there!). In Episode 2, Alex and I discuss how literature is defined, exactly what is and is not considered "literature," the importance of literary journals, we discuss a sonnet and the common misinterpretation and reading of metaphors, the word concatenate (just try and get me to say that without stumbling over my tongue!), and of course, our quiz. Also feel free to check out the Minute Lit Blog for more updates on production and notes from Alex and me.

Also, I will be updating the list of reviews to come soon (already there are a few that are waiting to be added, and I will do so ASAP). There will be a new review posted here within the next few days, and maybe, just maybe, a discussion question!

Apologies for the delay. In the meantime, if you haven't yet been to see 300, do so. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. There's something to be said for the wave of graphic novels and comics being adapted for the big screen, and (surprise!) there will be at least one post discussing this trend in the near future.

Write Well...

~D.M. Papuga