20 January 2007

The Journey

It seems that I still have a functioning Blog that I am able to use to good end, and what can be more distracting than a blog that has no formatting or stuff to read? By sheer whim I refound this little gem, and by compulsion I have modified it for a new purpose (It is certainly not complete, and I have yet to post some of the older reviews that are scattered across other sites and journals). Please be patient with the renovations here--I'm sure there will be quite a few. I'm planning on adding a few things, and I'll list them here just so I don't forget:

  • List of writerly links
  • List of writer/agent/editor blogs that I frequent
  • List of links to publishers/publishing houses and literary magazine sites
  • Other review sites worthy of note
  • Links to booksellers (Including Amazon, B & N, etc.)

So there we have it. I'll also possibly create a list of things I'm currently working on, or perhaps the things that have been completed and are out for submission. We shall see. My aim is to build a place where my reviews can be read by authors, publishers, and fans. It's a large undertaking, but you have to start somewhere. Hopefully things will blossom and I can take this back to a dedicated domain. For now, I go to bed with cotton and warmed sweet oil in my ears. Adieu.

~D.M. Papuga