19 May 2007

A Great Light Has Gone Out...

It's not often that the events of people online that I have never met or corresponded with causes me to reel back. Tonight's late post is the direct result of one of those rare occasions. I happened to be browsing through my requisite links before bed, and one of the first stops was Miss Snark's page. After two years Miss Snark is closing down her blog.

I only had the pleasure of interacting on Miss Snark's blog once or twice, and sadly, I only found her blog in January, but the news of her leaving has left a huge hole for me. Perhaps it's because her advice (snarky and blunt as it was--and oh, how good it was) has made me a better writer. Perhaps it's because her explanations of the industry gave me insight to the publishing world. Maybe it's because I recognized too much of myself in her personality. But whatever the draw, her blog became a staple read for not only me, but many, many readers.

I can hope against hope that she will change her mind, but if you know Miss Snark, you know that she's not wishy washy. I think I might be out of luck.

Thank you, Miss Snark, for all you have given to your readership.

Miss Snark says goodbye.

~D.M. Papuga